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The Zyskaj Zdrowie piston inhaler is recommended for inhalation and inhalation of drugs. The device can be used by both adults and children - the package includes masks in two sizes.

The set includes a piston inhaler:

Piston inhaler, medicine container, airway, two masks (for adults and children), mouthpiece, 5 filters and instructions for use.

Operation Piston inhaler:

The device is intended for inhalation and administration of drugs by inhalation (including antibiotics). The piston inhaler comes with two sizes of masks, so it can be used by children and adults. The device is safe, easy to use and convenient to use.

Medical device Piston inhaler recommended for both adults and children for nebulization.

Additional information:
Store the product out of reach of children at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against the effects of moisture and light.

Technical data:
Model CNB69011; power supply 220V / 50hz / 0.6A. Particle size: 0.5-10mcm, drug container volume: approximately 10ml. Noise intensity: <55dB. Nebulization efficiency:> 0.2ml / min. Compressor pressure (working pressure range): 44 to 55 Psi. Mode: 30/30 minutes (work / break). Warranty: 24 months.

How to use the piston inhaler:

Please read the instruction manual before use. Use in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.