Plantain liquid 250ml, plantain herb


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  • Plantain fluid, contains an extract of fresh plantain, which in the production process retains its highest values ​​and properties affecting human health. Plantain, it has anti-inflammatory action and coating.

The composition of liquid:
water extract, plantain, citric acid

Grandmother plantain fluid brand EkaMedica, contains a natural extract of plantain - Plantago lanceolata, which has many properties that influence is beneficial for human health. This popular plant material is rich in mucous substances, pectin, tannins and acids: fumaric, benzoic, cinnamic, vanilla, mineral salts (including zinc salts and silica), flavonoids (bajkaleina, skutelareina). So rich composition of plantain, allows for its application both in the case of skin ulcers, inflammation, irritation, and for application to the oral mucosa in the case of gingivitis and throat - has protective coating.

Fluid from plantain, is indicated for skin care in the case of: inflammation and slow-healing wounds and ulcers, and to rinse in inflammation of the mouth and throat.