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PLASTER OMNIFIX 15cm x 10m x 1 piece


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OMNIFIX PLASTER is a product whose characteristic feature is considerable flexibility, which allows the use of adhesive on uneven surfaces of the body (e.g. rounded or conical).

The product is in the form of a roll with an adhesive measuring 15 cm x 10 m. Its product of high flexibility, which allows the adhesive to be placed with the dressing in places of various shapes (e.g. on joints, conical and rounded parts of the body). The plaster is responsible for the complete coverage and fixing of the entire dressing. In addition, it enables the attachment of e.g. probes or catheters.

The product is intended for use as part of fixing and covering dressing materials during wound dressing. It also works well when fixing measuring instruments, catheters or probes.

Directions for use:
Use externally, sticking an adhesive tape with a dressing to the site of e.g. an injury.