PLASTER OMNIFIX E 15cm x 10m x 1 piece


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PLASTER OMNIFIX E is a more economical version of the Omnifix elastic adhesive. It allows you to attach and stick the dressing material, also to body surfaces of various shapes.

The medical device is characterized by considerable flexibility. It has the form of an adhesive attached to a roll, with dimensions of 15 m x 10 m. Its use allows the dressing to be glued to the wound site (also if it is located, for example, on the elbows or knees). It holds well and does not come off prematurely. The adhesive tape allows you to accurately cover and secure the entire dressing material, or the catheter or probe.

The device should be used in order to fix and cover the dressing material thoroughly (also in the form of more economical raw materials). It is also recommended to use adhesive tape when attaching measuring instruments, catheters or probes.

Directions for use:
Use externally, sticking an adhesive tape with a dressing to the site of e.g. an injury.