PLUM juice 500ml


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  • Plums are included in the formulations to improve intestinal peristalsis and facilitating defecation. If you want to say goodbye to constipation, enter into your daily diet fruit plums or their products.

Ingredients: prune juice.

Plums are rich in minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin A and the rare fruit vitamin E. Vitamins C and E, found in these fruit form a great team free radical scavengers antioxidants. In addition, plums are found also vitamin P, beta-carotene, potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.

100% plum juice, prune. Net volume: 500 ml. No preservatives. Shake well before use. Sludge is a natural phenomenon. The juice may be slightly different color and taste depending on the party. After opening consume within 21 days, store in the refrigerator.

2 x 25ml half an hour to an hour before a meal or optionally 50ml before breakfast.