Plus mud 725g face mask


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  • The mud plus a mud mask, which contains the microbiologically pure mud reinforced the addition of 20% aqueous extract peat. It can be applied to any type of skin of the face and body. It comes in packs of 725 grams and 1kg.

Peat, Peat extract, Ethylparaben. Action: The product has medicinal properties. Particularly in the case of rheumatic diseases.For many years, it is used in spa treatment. Excerpt from the mud has a beneficial effect on the skin of the face and body. Mud "plus" is enriched in biologically active, concentrated humic acids, tannins, plant hormones, ions of magnesium, calcium, potassium, iodine and other trace elements. These bioactive ingredients, mainly humic acids are considered natural antyoksydanty- to neutralize free radicals accelerate aging of the skin. The product gives the skin slightly acidic, which supports natural water and lipid mantle of the skin. Humic acids deeply cleanse the skin and moisturize it long-term. The mud regulates microcirculation, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin to prevent skin aging. It affects the metabolism of proteins, fats, nucleic acids and stimulates the regeneration of tissues. Indications: The use of peat is recommended for skin care, where there were signs of cellulite and stretch marks, skin mixed with over-exfoliating the skin of gray-earthy-colored, oily skin with pimples and clogged pores of the skin blends with a predominance of oily with a tendency to the formation of seborrhea. And also prophylactically against aging skin. Usage: The container containing mud to be heated in hot water. Then, on cleansed skin apply a thin layer of the product, cover with gauze and film.Body parts covered with mud must be covered with a blanket. And after 20- 25 minutes, remove the foil and gauze and rinse with water.After the procedure, apply an appropriate skin cream or to enhance the effect of the mud applied to the skin gel mud.