Plus TENA Slip Extra Small x 30 pieces

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  • Diapers Tena Slip Plus is the new standard in patient care! Easy to set up and photos, absorbent, made of soft material for the skin, indicating the need to replace - just some of the advantages of the diaper pants in this series.

Operation and use:
The smallest size of diaper pants Tena Slip Plus excels in young patients with incontinence. Diapers through the material, similar to that fabric is pleasant to the touch and gentle to the skin. In addition, the material is breathable - ConfioAir system was applied on the sides and behind the diaper pants in order to prevent irritation and chafes. Special Velcro closure times can be improved in order to get the perfect adhesion of the diaper pants to the body. Odor Neutralizer system absorbs odor of ammonia, giving a feeling of freshness. For nieprzeciekanie product correspond elastic band around the waist and thighs and the highly absorbent feed FeelDry using technology that prevents the escape of liquid. The diaper pants have another useful function, i.e. the rate of moisture. The color change from yellow to blue is a signal that you must replace diapers.

XS fits a person with the circumference of the hips 49-74cm.

Additional information:
Dermatologist tested. Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature.

Method of use:
Use as intended.