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Plusssz Active x 20 tabl.mus. Memory and Concentration

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  • Plusssz Active Memory and Concentration x 20 effervescent tablets.It combines a dual action - helps concentration and improves memory and increases the efficiency and psychophysical accelerates and streamlines the processes of thought. It contains only natural dyes.
Streamlines memorizing and reproducing information and increases the perception.
Dosage for Memory and Concentration: 2 tablets a day.

Is a difficult time at work or learning approaching? If you need a healthy injection of energy that will help you strengthen concentration and stimulate memory, Plusssz Active is for you!

Plusssz Active is a composition of active ingredients and vitamins that combines double action - it facilitates concentration and stimulates memory. Caffeine contained in the preparation improves attention, facilitates memorizing and reduces drowsiness. Magnesium affects the nervous system, which reduces stress and reduces fatigue.

An additional complex of 10 most important vitamins in a dose of 100% of the daily requirement, supplements deficiencies of vitamins in the body. Vitamins B6 and B12 reduce fatigue and vitamin C strengthens immunity.


It is recommended to consume 2 tablets a day, put a tablet in a glass of cold water.


20 effervescent tablets. Taste: grapefruit



Niacin (EN)

16 mg

100% RDA

Vitamin C

80 mg

100% RDA

Vitamin E (α-ET)

12 mg

100% RDA

Pantothenic acid

6 mg

100% RDA

Vitamin B6

1.4 mg

100% RDA

Vitamin B2 (fish oil)

1.4 mg

100% RDA

Vitamin B1 (thiamine)

1.1 mg

100% RDA

Folic acid

200 μg

100% RDA


50 μg

100% RDA

Vitamin B12

2.5 μg

100% RDA


112.5 mg

30% RDA


200 mg


200 mg