Plusssz ZIZZZ DISNEY x 50 tablets sm. wild strawberry

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  • Plusssz ZIZZZ DISNEY is a supplement for children, which supports the development and growth of the young organism. It complements the levels of vitamins and stimulates the natural defense mechanisms.

Calcium 240mg, 66mg vitamin C, niacin, 9.72 mg, vitamin E 5,4mg, 3,6mg pantothenic acid, vitamin B6 1,2mg, Folic Acid 66ug, 96ug biotin.

The preparation belongs to the broad category of complex dietary supplements. It has a unique composition, specially selected with the aim of developing and growing bodies of children. Its application is used to supplement the level of valuable vitamins and minerals. It strengthens bones and stimulates the natural defense mechanisms by increasing the body's resistance. Favorably affects the functioning of the nervous system.

The product is intended for use in children over 3 years of age in order to support their growth and development. Used to supplement the vitamins and minerals in the body.

Use for suction from 1 to 6 tabl./24h.