Pneumolan throat 120ml, children 3 years+, sore throat remedies

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  • Strawberry syrup Pneumolan throat with natural plant extracts and vitamin C. The active substances enhance the immune system and support the throat and larynx. The syrup can be used in children 3 years of age.

glucose-fructose syrup, extracts of lichen Icelandic (Lichen islandicus), an extract of the herb thyme (Thymus vulgaris), L-ascorbic acid, natural flavor, strawberry extract of the herb meadowsweet mud (Spiraea ulmaria), acidity regulator: citric acid , thickening agent: xanthan gum, preservatives, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate.

The content of ingredients in the recommended daily dose (5 mL) extract of the thallus lichen Icelandic (DER 10: 1) - 100 mg extract of the herb meadowsweet sump (DER 10: 1) - 20 mg extract of the herb thyme (DER 4: 1) - 50mg vitamin C - 40mg (50% of the reference intakes).

The composition of high-quality plant extracts and vitamin C. The extract of Icelandic lichen thalli, herb meadowsweet mud and herb thyme soothe irritation of the throat, larynx, vocal cords and soothe scratching and tickling in the throat, as well as support the physiological functioning of the respiratory system. Preferably, the immune system affects Icelandic lichen, thyme and vitamin C. Thyme herb acts odkrztuszająco and helps dry cough. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties. Herb meadowsweet mud supports the immune response in periods of increased incidence of colds.

Dietary supplement Pneumolan Throat intended to be used as an adjunct to the throat and larynx, and the proper functioning of the immune system. Can be used in children over 3 years of age and adults.

Additional information:
Store the product below 25st. C, in a dry place away from heat and sunlight. Always tightly closed container. Keep out of the reach of children. Since its opening should be used within one month. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the supplement. The product should not be used in women during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The recommended daily dose: 5 ml (1 teaspoon) per day. Shake before use. With the package insert cup measure the right amount of preparation. Before serving, should be diluted in 5 ml of liquid (water, tea). Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day.