POCKET PHARMACY for Glob. 10 loop with clear glass blue 1 pc

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pharmacy classic 10 loops blue TIMELESS - ELEGANT - CLASSIC

All leathers are tanned on an environmentally friendly basis and are free from pcp.
The inner lining is made of high quality, fine fabric.
The color-coordinated inner loops make it easy to insert the jars.
To close the pocket pharmacy, a delicate, durable zipper was used that adapts to the color of the leather.
A chrome-plated zipper made of solid metal gives the elegant touch.

"The smallest variant of our range of pocket cases " Classic pocket pharmacy •
10 loops case
• made of classic natural leather
• environmentally friendly tanned and pcp-free
• 7.5cm x 5.5cm x 2.0cm
• suitable for: 1.3g and 1.5g glasses