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POKRZEPOL liquid 100ml + 50ml, fall hair, hair loss cure


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  • Pokrzepol (fall hair, hair loss cure) liquid is designed for use in weakened and falling hair.

The product contains natural plant extracts, for generations, used to improve the condition of the hair: -
silicates in the silicone extract of the horsetail elasticity and strengthens the hair structure;
- rosemary extract stimulates the hair bulbs to grow;
- anti-inflammatory effect of the birch extract affects purifying and refreshingly shining hair and healthy appearance;
Nettle extract prevents dandruff, tones and strengthens hair bulbs.

The effectiveness of the preparation guarantees the combined effect of extracts from the following raw materials:
- field horseshoe - rich silicone elasticity and strengthens the structure of the hair.
-param rosmarin - stimulates the hair bulbs to grow.
-Brystal - works anti-inflammatory, purifying and refreshing effect giving hair shine and healthy appearance.
- Horsetail - prevents dandruff, tonics and strengthens hair bulbs.
-pantenol - actively moisturizes and soothes all kinds of skin irritations.

Pokrzepol liquid is designed for use in weakened and falling hair.

How to use:
Spray the head with a massage and rub it into the skin (preferably after washing). Can be spread over the entire length of the hair. Apply 2-3 times a week.

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