POSTERISAN Acute lidocaine suppository

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POSTERISAN Acute lidocaine suppository

Posterisan ® acute with lidocaine suppositories.

Areas of application:
itching and pain in the anal area in the case of hemorrhoids, anal fissures, anal fistulas, abscesses and proctitis; for symptomatic treatment before and after anorectal examinations and operations.

For POSTERISAN Acute lidocaine suppository information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
Status: 08/2012

DR. KADE Pharmazeutische Fabrik GmbH, 12277 Berlin

Quickly helps against acute symptoms of (painful) hemorrhoids

POSTERISAN Acute lidocaine suppository Active ingredients

  • 60 mg lidocaine

POSTERISAN Acute lidocaine suppository Auxiliary materials

  • Hard fat

Indication / POSTERISAN Acute lidocaine suppository application

  • The drug contains a locally effective pain reliever (local anesthetic) and is used to treat itchy and painful complaints in the anus area.
  • The medicine is used for
    • Treatment of itching and pain in the anus area with haemorrhoids, anal fissures, anal fistulas and abscesses as well as inflammation of the rectum (proctitis),
    • symptomatic treatment before and after examinations and operations in the anus area.

POSTERISAN Acute lidocaine suppository dosage

  • Always use the medicine exactly as directed. Please ask your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure.
  • Unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor, the usual dose is:
    • Usually 1 suppository (60 mg lidocaine) is used twice a day.


  • Duration of application
    • The duration of treatment is determined by the doctor and depends on the type and severity of the course of the disease.
    • The duration of treatment should not exceed 4 - 6 weeks without interruption. If symptoms reappear, the suppositories can be used again.
    • Please keep the recommended time even if you feel better earlier.


  • If you use more than you should
    • When used as intended, no overdoses are known.
    • Are the suppositories, e.g. B. ingested by children, no severe symptoms of intoxication are to be expected.
    • However, symptoms such as abdominal pain and nausea can occur. In addition, clouding of consciousness, shock, cramps and shortness of breath can only occur when very large amounts of lidocaine are ingested.
    • Please inform a doctor in any case.
    • If you accidentally use the medicine once or several times more often than intended, no increased side effects are to be expected. In this case, reduce the application to the intended dosage and otherwise adhere to the treatment plan.
    • If you have any further questions on the use of the medicinal product, ask your doctor or pharmacist.


POSTERISAN Acute lidocaine suppository way

  • The suppositories are inserted deep into the anus in the morning and in the evening, if possible after defecation.

Side effects

  • Like all medicines, the medicine can have side effects, although not everybody gets them.
  • When evaluating side effects, the following frequencies are used as a basis:
    • Very common: affects more than 1 in 10 people
    • Common: affects 1 to 10 users in 100
    • Uncommon: affects 1 to 10 users in 1,000
    • Rare: affects 1 to 10 users in 10,000
    • Very rare: less than 1 in 10,000 patients treated
    • Not known: frequency cannot be estimated from the available data.
  • Side effects
    • Very common: local hypersensitivity reactions in the anus area with itching and a slight burning sensation.
    • If you notice any side effects that are not listed, tell your doctor or pharmacist.

POSTERISAN Acute lidocaine suppository Interactions

  • When using Posterisan acute with lidocaine with other drugs:
    • There are no known interactions with other drugs.


  • The drug must not be used
    • if you are allergic (hypersensitive) to lidocaine or any of the other ingredients of the drug.

pregnancy POSTERISAN Acute lidocaine suppository and breast feeding period

  • There is no evidence that lidocaine, the active substance in this medicine, passes into the placenta or into breast milk. So far, no teratogenic effects are known.
  • However, like all drugs, the drug should only be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding under strict medical advice.

Patient POSTERISAN Acute lidocaine suppository information

  • Special care is required when using:
    • The use of the drug does not require special precautions and warnings.
    • In the case of fungal attack, the additional application of a locally effective agent against fungal infections is required.


  • Driving and using machines
    • The drug has no influence on the ability to drive and use machines.