Posterisan suppositories, hemroids, piles treatment

Dr. Kade

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Posterisan suppositories x 10 pieces, hemroids, piles treatment

Hemroids, piles treatment. Hemorrhoids internal and external stage I and I / II (hemorrhoids), perianal eczema, anal itching, crevices and cracks perianal.


Composition Posterisan suppositories, hemroids, piles treatment

1 suppository contains 387.1 mg of an aqueous suspension of 660 million E. coli inactivated.


Posterisan suppositories, hemroids, piles treatment Operation

formulation for topical application. The suspension of E. coli and metabolic products have the properties of stimulating the immune system leading to an increase of non-specific immune response and specific. Increases resistance to local infection, has anti-inflammatory properties and sealing blood vessels. Reduces hemorrhoids stage I and I / II.

Indications Hemorrhoids outer and inner stage I and I / II, eczema perianal, pruritus ani, crevices and cracks perianal.


Dosage Posterisan suppositories, hemroids, piles treatment

two times a day (morning and evening) are introduced into the rectum after 1 suppository, preferably after defecation. A thin layer of ointment applied to the affected skin and mucous membranes.