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Postpartum sanitary napkins -100% organic cotton x 10 pieces


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  • Postpartum sanitary napkins, made from 100% organic cotton, for maximum comfort and security for women after childbirth. They have a very absorbent body, allow the body to breathe, and also do not cause irritation or allergy.

Masmi Postpartum pads 100% organic cotton x 10 pieces Composition:
100% organic cotton. Viscose / Rayon, Cellulose, Plastic, Chlorine, Dioxin

Masmi Postpartum pads 100% organic cotton x 10 pieces Action: The
Masmi postpartum sanitary napkin is a unique product designed specifically for women in postpartum when it is needed The greatest convenience and safety of used products. The sanitary napkins are 100% certified organic cotton - including an absorbent cartridge, which gives even greater safety and protection against irritation, allergic reactions or infections - not only after birth but also after surgical and gynecological procedures.

Postpartum sanitary napkins are especially recommended for use after childbirth or other surgical procedures. They do not cause irritation, allergic reactions or infections.