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Potassium ions, magnesium ions Aspartate Oryginalle x 50 tablets

Uniphar Sp. z oo

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  • Potassium ions, magnesium ions. Aspartate Oryginalle is a dietary supplement that helps the heart and circulatory system. Taking the product helps to control muscle contractions and complements the deficiencies of magnesium ions and potassium in your daily diet.

The composition of the recommended daily servings (2x 2tabletki): aparginian 200mg, 300mg potassium ions, magnesium ions 72mg.Sucrose, potassium chloride, lactose, magnesium carbonate, aspartic acid, sorbitol, magnesium stearate, stearic acid, gum arabic, talc, potato starch, rice flour, rice starch, curcumin, carnauba wax.

Response: Aspartate Oryginalle, replenishes the body magnesium deficiency and potassium which helps the circulatory system and the heart. Regular supplementation of the organism ingredients contained in the preparation Aspartate Oryginalle, also supports the nervous system and improves the condition of psychophysical.

Application: Aspartate Oryginalle, it is recommended to take supplements to the daily diet deficiency of magnesium ions and potassium.

Dosage: 2 times daily 2 tablets