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  • The Evidence-10 pregnancy test meets the most important criteria of the ideal test - it's fast, ultra-sensitive, and very accurate! An additional advantage that women often pay attention to is the very simple operation of the test.

Test (1pc), sachet with moisture absorber (1pc).

Ultra Evidence-10 pregnancy test for home use. The test will quickly resolve your doubts or confirm the good news. The LabHome brand is considered the most sensitive pregnancy test available on the market.The test detects urine hCG, chorionic gonadotropin.Its production starts almost immediately after fertilization, but only the ultra-test Test Evidence-10 can detect it at 10mIU / mL, and such concentrations appear in 2-4 days of gestation. This means that the test detects a very early pregnancy and can be done several days before the expected menstruation. The Evidence-10 is a flamaster-type flasher, convenient to use and very fast, just wait 5 minutes!

Medical Evidence-10 pregnancy test device designed for detecting pregnancy, also at its very early stage.

Additional Information:
Keep out of the reach of children at room temperature. Disposable product.

How to use:
Follow the instructions in the instructions for use. Morning urine is recommended for the study. Remove the test from the package, remove the cap from its tip, then place the tip under the urine for 5-10 seconds. Reinsert the stopper. Read the result after 5 minutes.

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