Pregnancy test | VITAM plate 1 pc.


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  • Pregnancy test VITAM plate is a quick and reliable test designed for home use. The result appears within 5 minutes of execution and its accuracy is 99%. This test allows the detection of a very early 6-day pregnancy.

The package contains:
Test plate, pipette, moisture absorber (inside the foil pouch, after opening, discard the sachet), instruction manual.

Vitam plate pregnancy test is a very convenient, fast (5 minutes!) And reliable (99% efficiency!) Test that allows you to detect in the sample of the hormone HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin), which indicates the fertilization. The test is intended for single use, at home. It is recommended that a morning urine sample be used for the test.

Directions for use:
All information on the test can be found in the instruction manual included with the packaging.