PREL Blue cool patches 3pcs


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  • Cool patches Prel Blue - compress is used in support of: post-traumatic edema, bruises, strains and strains of the muscles, tendonitis, bursitis, low-grade pain, back pain and other.

Menthol 5%

Prel Blue - Menthol hydrogel patch is a product of the latest generation, having an innovative hydrogel system Hydronique, carrying the menthol. The hydrogel formula makes it easy to use, it adheres better to the skin and, unlike a regular patch, it does not send the skin, ensuring its constant breathing and moisturizing. The wrap is applied topically to the skin to relieve tension and muscle pains. Menthol contained in it, through its cooling action, reduces post-traumatic edema and soothes the joint and muscle pain, among others shoulders, back and neck. The wrapper does not dirty the clothes, it is invisible under it. It is very easy to remove it from the surface of the skin, without causing depilation. It is recommended for adults and children over 6 years of age.

The wrap is used supportively in
-obrzękach traumatic
-nadwyrężeniach and strained muscles,
-zapaleniu tendinitis, bursitis articular
-bólach mild arthritis in the area,
-bólach back,
-kurczach muscle.

Method of application:
Cut off the part of the poultice of the size suited to the surface and location of the pain. Use protective film. Apply the
adhesive side of the wrap to the washed and dried skin. Leave on the skin for a maximum of 8 hours. If necessary,
repeat the application, but no more frequently than 4 times a day.