PREMENO Duo vaginal ovula 10 pc

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Premeno Duo Vaginal ovula

PREMENO Duo ingredients: hyaluronic acid sodium, lactic acid, sodium

PREMENO Duo Applications:
for the treatment of vaginal dryness. B. due to stress, breastfeeding, menopause, after chemotherapy and other causes

Premeno® duo vaginal suppositories restore moisture to the vagina and help quickly. Women who do not take hormones during the menopause can effectively counter the changes in the vaginal skin in this phase of life with Premeno® duo vaginal suppositories.

Properties of Premeno® duo vaginal suppositories:
- hormone-free Š-free of preservatives
- well tolerated
- revitalizes the vaginal walls
- improves vaginal moisture
- accelerates healing z. B. from cracks
- helps quickly
- colorless and odorless
- easy to use