PREPARATION DOLPHINER the ears after swimming 15ml, swimmers ear drops


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  • PREPARATION DOLPHINER the ears after swimming is a product whose ingredients cause drying of the ear canal with water and help to restore the natural pH of 5.5 ear. Additionally they cherish.

Active ingredients: isopropyl alcohol, glycerin, acetic acid, peppermint oil.

The product is characterized by a complex, unique composition, which is used locally nourishes and prevents infections. It contains Isopropanol working on a drying the ear canal, and the acetic acid helps to restore the physiological pH of 5.5 ears. As a result, it prevents infections, which cause is present in the water stick aeruginosa (Pseudomonas). Mint neutralizes odor of acetic acid and leaves a feeling of freshness. Glycerin exhibits caring.

The preparation should be used to care ear canals after swimming and water baths.

Use aural. Apply 1-2 pressed to each ear right after a bath / shower / practicing water sports.