Priorin ® Capsules 270 St.+ Shampoo 200 ml SPARSET 1 pc

Bayer Vital GmbH

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Priorin ® Capsules + Shampoo SPARSET
1 x 270 St. Priorin Capsules + 1 x 200 ml Priorin Shampoo

Priorin Capsules

Priorin ® is a food for special medical purposes (balanced diet). Priorin ® is intended for diet management in the case of hormonally hereditary hair growth disorders and hair loss in women (androgenetic alopecia). Due to the special nutritional requirements in the special area of ​​application of Priorin ® , the pantothenic acid content is increased.

Important note:
Priorin ® is to be used under medical supervision.

Priorin ® Capsules 270 St.+ Shampoo 200 ml SPARSET Food for special medical purposes (balanced diet)
Bayer Vital GmbH, 51368 Leverkusen, Germany. Status: February 2019
Approval number: L.DE.MKT.CC.03.2019.3350

Priorin ® Shampoo

Priorin Shampoo for use on weak and thinning hair

The advantages of the Priorin ® Shampoo :

• for more volume, moisture and shine
• especially for weak and Developed for thinning hair
• based on a special combination of pro-vitamin B5, millet extract and glycoproteins
• gently cleanses the hair
• serves as supplementary daily care during the 12-week treatment with Priorin ® Liquid or Priorin ® capsules in the event of hair loss