PRIORIN liquid pump solution 50 ml

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PRIORIN liquid pump solution 50 ml

Priorin® Liquid
for hair loss & thinning hair

The advantages of Priorin ® Liquid:
• Gentle and effective for hair loss * or thinning hair.
• Acts on the hair root, supports your hair growth cycle, contributes to natural hair growth (for noticeably thicker and fuller hair) and can reduce hair loss that is not caused by the disease.
• Contains the active ingredient complex Baicapil ™ on a plant basis (from Baikal skullcap root extract, soy and wheat germ extracts) and the skin-caring pro-vitamin B5 (also known as dexpanthenol).
• Visible success after just 12 weeks **.
• Quick and easy to use: just spray five to eight sprays onto the scalp once a day and massage in gently (no rinsing necessary!).

If you suffer from hair loss * or thinning hair, Priorin ® Liquid can offer valuable help. It supports the hair growth cycle in the event of hair loss or thinning hair as well as the natural growth of the hair - for noticeably thicker and fuller hair. Priorin ® Liquid contains the active ingredient complex Baicapil ™ on a plant basis (consisting of Baikal skullcap root extract, soy and wheat germ extracts) and the skin-caring pro-vitamin B5. The application is very simple: spray on, massage in, done. Priorin ®Liquid smells pleasant and leaves no residue, so the hair can be styled and styled as usual after use. For a more visible success after 12 weeks **.

PRIORIN liquid pump solution Acts directly at the roots and supports your hair growth.
Thinning or falling hair is not only a visual problem for many affected people, but also an immense psychological burden - and that can put a strain on self-confidence. After all, full, strong hair stands for health and attractiveness. If your hair falls out, you will quickly feel insecure. In addition: The causes of light spots on the head are wide-ranging. For example, stress and an improper diet are possible, but the use of certain medications can also be responsible.

Priorin ® Liquid is a good choice for everyone who wants to do something about the (non-disease-related) loss of their main hair : The liquid Priorin ® Liquid contains a special formulation of the active ingredient complex BaicapilTM on a natural basis and the skin-caring pro-vitamin B5. It works directly on the scalp and supports the hair growth cycle - this not only contributes to natural hair growth, but can also reduce hair loss.

Priorin ® Liquid can only be used once a day and is very easy to use.
Proceed as follows: • Turn the spray applicator of the bottle up to the side.
• Apply five to eight sprays all over the scalp.
• Then massage the liquid gently into your scalp. Priorin ® Liquid has a pleasant smell and does not need to be rinsed out.
• You can then style your hair as usual.

After just a few weeks of using Priorin Liquid ® , the first changes can usually be seen: The hair is noticeably fuller and thicker. However, hair only grows about 0.3 millimeters per day. Therefore Priorin ®Liquid can be used for at least 12 weeks to support your hair roots and achieve visible results. If you then feel that your head of hair needs outside help, you can repeat the use of Priorin ® Liquid at any time.

The local skin tolerance was tested under dermatological control. You should refrain from using Priorin ® Liquid if you know that you are allergic to one of the ingredients.

The ingredients of Priorin ® Liquid:
So that Priorin ®Liquid can support the hair growth cycle and reduce hair loss *, the combination of its ingredients is crucial. The special formulation of the cosmetic is based on:
• BaicapilTM: The active ingredient complex BaicapilTM is plant-based - it is made up
of Baikal skullcap root extract and wheat germ and soy extracts. Together, these ingredients support natural hair growth and can thus reduce hair loss *. Priorin ® Liquid unfolds its effect directly on the hair root ***.
• Pro-Vitamin B5: Pro-Vitamin B5 (also known as Dexpanthenol) provides your hair with moisture and conditions the scalp.

Used daily, Priorin ® takes care of itLiquid for noticeably fuller and denser hair. Try it! Order Priorin ® Liquid right here.

* Hair loss not
caused by illness ** Cosmetic study with Priorin ® Liquid application over 12 weeks, applied once a day, n = 103, unpublished data
*** In-vitro study