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Priorin ® Liquid economy set
for hair loss *.
3 x Priorin Liquid 50 ml

  • Improves hair growth
  • noticeably thicker hair
  • more volume

Those who have full, strong hair simply feel better. With Priorin® Liquid you can get this feeling back. Because Priorin® Liquid helps with hair loss * and thinning hair. Its special formulation with herbal extracts and skin-caring pro-vitamin B5, better known as dexpanthenol, is the result of extensive scientific research on everything to do with hair.

Priorin® Liquid - based on plants - cares for the scalp and works on the hair roots. It supports the hair growth cycle and thus contributes to natural hair growth.
These effects are also shown by a study **: When used daily, Priorin® Liquid ensures thicker and fuller hair after just a few weeks and reduces hair loss * after 12 weeks. As the hair growth phase generally progresses very slowly, we recommend a treatment that should last at least 12 weeks.

* Non-disease related hair loss. ** Cosmetic study with Priorin® Liquid with 103 test persons; Use for 12 weeks, used once a day; unpublished data.

PRIORIN LIQUID SAVINGSET Vegetable, nourishing, well tolerated.

Priorin® Liquid contains the ingredient complex Baicapil ™. This plant-based ingredient complex consists of Baikal skullcap root extract as well as soy and wheat germ extracts.
In addition, Priorin® Liquid contains pro-vitamin B5. Pro-vitamin B5, better known as dexpanthenol, not only provides the hair with moisture, but can also nourish the scalp. This special composition of the ingredients in Priorin® Liquid reaches the hair root *, the center for hair growth, and unfolds its effect there. Priorin® Liquid supports the natural hair growth cycle, contributes to healthy hair growth and can thereby reduce hair loss **.
With its plant-based composition with skin-caring ingredients, Priorin® Liquid is well tolerated, which has also been confirmed under dermatological control, and can be used repeatedly if necessary.
* In-vitro study. ** Hair loss not caused by illness.

The application PRIORIN LIQUID SAVINGSET: simple and convenient.
Priorin® Liquid can be used quickly and easily:

  • Spray directly onto the scalp only once a day. To do this, simply turn the practical spray applicator up to the side.
  • Spray 5 - 8 puffs on the entire scalp per application.
  • Then massage Priorin® Liquid gently into the scalp. Finished!

Priorin® Liquid smells pleasant and does not need to be rinsed out. It does not leave any residue in the hair and it does not stick together. So you can style and style your hair as usual after the application.