PRIORIN shampoo for thinning hair 200 ml

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PRIORIN shampoo for thinning hair 200 ml


Priorin® Shampoo

Priorin® Shampoo for use on limp and thinning hair

The advantages of the Priorin ® Shampoo :

• for more volume, moisture and shine
• specially developed for limp and thinning hair
• based on a special combination of pro-vitamin B5, Millet extract and glycoproteins
• gently cleanses the hair
• in the event of hair loss, serves as supplementary daily care during the 12-week treatment with Priorin ® Liquid or Priorin ® capsules

PRIORIN shampoo for thinning hair For more resistance and volume:

If your hair looks increasingly weak and thinner, a lack of moisture and fragility of the hair are often the causes. In this case you can trust the Priorin ® Shampoo. If you already support your hair with Priorin ® Liquid or Priorin ® capsules, it offers not only gentle cleaning of the hair but also additional care. Used regularly it gives the hair

• volume,
• shine and
• moisture.

The application of Priorin ®Shampoo is very simple: put some shampoo on your hair and massage it in gently. Let the resulting foam take effect for two to four minutes, then rinse it out thoroughly with clear water. After rinsing, the pro-vitamin B5 remains in the hair and supplies hair and scalp with moisture. How often Priorin ® Shampoo is used depends entirely on your needs and personal habits - it is suitable for daily hair washing.

The ingredients of Priorin ® Shampoo

Priorin ® Shampoo was specially developed for the needs of limp, thinning hair and serves as a complementary care to Priorin ® in the event of hair lossCapsules and Priorin ® Liquid. The volume shampoo contains several nourishing substances:

• Pro-Vitamin B5 (Dexpanthenol)
• Millet extract
• Glycoproteins

The Pro-Vitamin B5 provides long-lasting moisture to damaged hair. This also improves gloss and volume.

You too can experience the caring power of Priorin ® Shampoo - you can order it right here.

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