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PROBIONAT is a new generation of probiotics.

  • Stable
  • Effective
  • 10 times more stable
  • Innovative encapsulation technology
  • Temperature and acid resistant
  • The only spore-forming probiotic
  • Made in Italy


  • Normalizes the intestinal microflora in diarrhea and constipation
  • Restores the balance of the intestinal microflora after taking antibiotics and after chemotherapy
  • Strengthens the body's immune system
  • Increases protein metabolism

Bacillus coagulans (Lactobacillus Sporogenes) - 15.6 billion (15.6 x 109) viable bacterial cells
Supports the health of the digestive system - provides effective maintenance of the balance of the normal intestinal flora.
strengthens the immune system - activates immunocompetent cells in the intestinal mucosa and provides an effective barrier against pathogenic microorganisms and processes / 70% of the cells of the immune system are located in the GIT /.
PROBIONAT supplies a sufficient amount of live probiotic cultures of Bacillus coagulans® and ensures their growth and development in the gastrointestinal tract.

Bacillus coagulans® FORMES A PROTECTIVE DISPUTE that carries it without qualitative and quantitative change through the stomach.
Just as plant seeds wait to germinate in the spring when temperatures and humidity levels are optimal, Probionat (Bacillus coagulans®) spores wait to develop once they reach the gut and the conditions are best, ie. humidity levels, temperature and nutrient availability.
PROBIONAT / Bacillus coagulans® spores germinate and proliferate in the GIT within a few hours.
PROBIONAT / Bacillus Coagulans / requires a complex nutrient medium in which it receives energy through fermentation or catabolism of carbohydrates. After germination, Bacillus coagulans is metabolically active and produces L - (+) - lactic acid as
main product of fermentation.
PROBIONAT prevents the growth of pathogenic microorganisms:
+ Reduces the pH in the intestine (as a result of the ability to synthesize lactic acid)
+ Forms bactericides (antimicrobial protein compounds), which are inhibitors of Gram + / Gram-bacteria
+ Competes with pathogenic bacteria for nutrients

PROBIONAT is STABLE and 10 times more resistant than the probiotic strains in yogurt. Many lactic acid bacteria, including those contained in Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium yogurt, are thermolabile and require a certain temperature regime to maintain their viability.
PROBIONAT / Bacillus Coagulans / remains in a stable state under various conditions - dry environment, temperature below 30oС.


  • In viral gastrointestinal infections:
    SHORTENS THE DURATION OF DIARRHEA - provides a rapid restoration of the balance between "good" and "bad" bacteria

  • In gastric disorders and for regulation of intestinal peristalsis:
    + CONTRIBUTES TO REGULAR DEFECATION in constipation and irregular stomach - lactic acid bacteria in it support normal intestinal peristalsis
    + REDUCES BLOWING AND DISCOGNITION substances formed by them
    REDUCES THE WEIGHT IN THE ABDOMEN - improves digestion, provides + effective food processing, absorption of nutrients and regular disposal of residues

  • When taking antibiotics:
    REDUCES THE RISK OF ACUTE DIARRHIA caused by the use of antibiotics
    PREVENTS the negative effects of antibiotics on the body, in particular on immunity and gastrointestinal health "
    RESTORES" the balance and "good balance" helps maintain the population of beneficial bacteria in the thyroid gland - ensures good digestion and full absorption of nutrients by the body

PROBIONAT Application:
To normalize the intestinal flora / increase immunity - dysbiosis, infectious bacterial and viral diarrhea, diarrhea associated with antibiotics, diarrhea with enteral nutrition and diarrhea when traveling, constipation, digestive discomfort (flatulence and bloating), clothing of symptoms of lactose intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis).
Non-gastrointestinal conditions - urinary tract infections, non-specific vaginitis, hyperlipidemia and hypercholesterolaemia, hypertension and respiratory infections.

In allergic skin diseases dermatitis and strophulus 1 capsule daily.

Why is PROBIONAT different and preferred over other probiotics?

Contains a standardized and clinically studied strain of probiotic bacteria
- Bacillus coagulans
The only spore-forming probiotic = 100% EFFICIENCY
Has a history of use
Proven stability of spores without special storage mode
Innovative encapsulation technology - DRcaps ™ - while in the classics HRT, DRcaps ™ capsules are proven to be resistant to the effects of stomach acid, thanks to which a larger number of viable probiotic bacteria reach the intestines (1)
Documented clinical efficacy