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Probiotic Vitality, branded LAB2PRO formulas and the PROLAC-T


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branded LAB2PRO formulas and the PROLAC-T, ALLNUTRITION Probiotic Vitality 30 capsules

ALLNUTRITION PROBIOTIC VITALITY is a probiotic that combines 6 types of vitamins supporting energy metabolism and immunity, as well as 3 species of probiotics. It has been enriched with strains of the branded LAB2PRO formulas and the PROLAC-T ingredient.
The synergy of the ingredients in PROBIOTIC VITALITY can ensure the building of a healthy and balanced microflora, improve the absorption of nutrients, and support intestinal function.


PROBIOTIC VITALITY is suitable for all people who need immune support and at the same time want to take care of their digestive system. Additionally, probiotic supplementation plays an important role when using antibiotics, which can destroy both harmful and beneficial microorganisms in the digestive system.


Increases the body's immunity. Probiotics, by increasing the secretion of lactic acid, increase the acidification of the digestive tract and improve the bioavailability of vitamins, minerals and proteins. Consumption of PROBIOTIC VITALITY together with a multivitamin complex results in a higher rate of mineral absorption and increases the absorption of vitamin C and E compared to supplementing the multivitamin complex separately.

branded LAB2PRO formulas and the PROLAC-T