Problems with ears when flying, sinusitis, EARPLANES Adult

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Problems with ears when flying, sinusitis, EARPLANES Adult

EarPlanes® earplugs Suitable, Problems with ears when flying, sinusitis, EARPLANES Adult

pack size: 2 pcs

for all ages.
For children from 1 to 10 years is the children's version.

Reduce symptoms in people who suffer from ear problems when flying. Suitable for people who have sensitive ears, are allergic or suffer from sinusitis (sinus infection).

To protect the ears against pressure fluctuations.

Earaches on air travel are a problem for many passengers.

The reason is changes in air pressure in the cabin, to which the ear cannot adapt immediately.

Especially during the landing approach, when the cabin pressure rises quickly, there is a negative pressure in the ear and the eardrum bulges painfully inwards.

Yawning, chewing gum, or swallowing can sometimes provide short-term relief. But when a cold, allergies or the dry air on board attack our nose and ears, pain is inevitable.

In the worst case, there is temporary hearing loss and bleeding in the eardrum - doctors then speak of "barotrauma".

Such problems can be easily and safely avoided with EarPlanes®.  


Problems with ears when flying, sinusitis, EARPLANES Adult. What are EarPlanes®?


 are earplugs with an integrated special ceramic filter that compensates for differences in air pressure between the inner ear and the surrounding air. This avoids the painful pressure on the eardrum. EarPlanes were developed in cooperation with the renowned House Ear Institute in Los Angeles and successfully tested by US Navy pilots.

How do EarPlanes® work?
EarPlanes are made of soft, hypoallergenic silicone that seals the ear canal airtight. The integrated ceramic filter ensures a slower exchange of air between the inner ear and the environment.

This absorbs strong pressure fluctuations and the ear gradually gets used to the changed cabin pressure. Pressure on the eardrum and the resulting pain in the ear are thus avoided.

Who are EarPlanes® suitable for?
For all air travelers who have problems with pressure equalization. But EarPlanes also provide relief when traveling by car or train in the mountains or on train routes with many tunnel passages.  

Passengers with a cold, allergies or sinus problems are particularly affected. But children also have ear problems disproportionately often, since their small ears swell up more quickly and they often cannot help themselves with yawning or swallowing.


Problems with ears when flying, sinusitis, EARPLANES Adult. Using the Earplanes Earplugs

Pressure equalization in the ear only works if EarPlanes are used correctly.

Before starting, insert EarPlanes deeply into each ear until they are airtight.

Sometimes it is helpful to gently pull the earlobe outwards and/or downwards during insertion to widen the ear canal

When cruising altitude is reached, the EarPlanes can be removed. However, they must be reinserted approximately 1 hour before landing. For short distances, it is advisable to leave EarPlanes in your ears throughout the flight.

After landing, EarPlanes can be removed once the cabin doors are open.

EarPlanes should only be used for one flight (outward and return journey including stopovers) as the micro-pores of the ceramic filter inside the earplugs become clogged with dirt and dust particles in the air. This can impair functionality.