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PROCAINE-Loges 1% injection bottle 100 ml Procaine hydrochloride

Dr. Loges + Co. GmbH

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procaine-Loges ® 1% injection Procaine hydrochloride


Active ingredient: Procaine hydrochloride Area of

application: procain-Loges ® 1% injection bottle is indicated for intracutaneous use on healthy skin within the framework of neural therapeutic application principles.

Warning: Contains sodium compounds and parabens, E 217, E 219.

procain-Loges ® 1% injection Procaine hydrochloride For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

for local anesthesia

active ingredients

  • 1000 mg procaine hydrochloride


  • water for injections
  • Nitrogen, sterile filtered
  • Hydrochloric acid for pH adjustment
  • sodium chloride
  • 225 mg sodium 4-methoxycarbonylphenolate
  • 25 mg sodium 4-propoxycarbonylphenolate