PROKTOSANOL against hemorrhoids ointment 40g, hemorrhoid cream


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  • Proktosanol, homeopathic ointment against hemorrhoids. It contains plant extracts sealing blood vessels, improves microcirculation - preventing the formation of hemorrhoids and anal accelerates wound healing and relieve pain.

100 g of ointment contains: Hamamelis Virginiana - 9 g, Aloe - 32 g, Paeonia officinalis - 32 g, ethyl 4-hydroxybenzoate, UnibasisAction: Proktosanol, homeopathic ointment against hemorrhoids contains natural plant extracts including witch hazel, which seals blood vessels and improves microcirculation, aloe - having regenerative properties, accelerating wound healing, Paeonia officinalis - soothing skin irritations, bringing relief from the pain.Colour gives the feeling of comfort and running smoothly analgesic preventing the formation of hemorrhoids anus. Application:Proktosanol homeopathic ointment against hemorrhoids, recommended for use in the treatment of internal and external hemorrhoids anus with symptoms of burning, soreness or secretion of Mucus. Directions: Coat the ointment place pathologically changed. To enter the rectum using a cannula attached approx. 1g ointment (a strand of approx. 2 cm). Ointment applied 1-2 times a day, more often if necessary.