PROMYALGAN x 15 tablets without box, fibromyalgia natural treatment, rsd treatment

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***Notice- without box and leaflet***

  • ProMyalgan is a natural dietary supplement whose formula was developed to help people suffering from indisposition due to bone pain syndrome called fibromyalgia. ProMyalgan includes natural plant extracts.

4 tablets include leaf extract daisies 280 mg extract from the leaves of grapes 280 mg, seed extract oil 260 mg extract from the fruit of pineapple 160 mg Taurine 120 mg, almonds powder 40 mg Orange juice 40 mg Magnesium stearate cellulose mikroktystaliczna, stabilizer, potato starch. Action: ProMyalgan, special preparation, whose composition is based on natural extracts: from the leaves of daisies, with grape leaves, seed oil, the fruit of the pineapple, almonds and oranges, which fantastically affect the smooth operation affecting their muscle tension. The formulation also contains taurine, which helps creatine transport into the muscle causing its more effective use, and accelerates the regeneration of muscles after exercise. Therefore ProMyalgan is particularly recommended for a person suffering from fibromyalgia - a disease called muscular rheumatism, at which symptoms include not joint, but muscle. The product gives a noticeable improvement in mood after taking a few days, even if the illness lasted many years.Application: ProMyalgan regulates muscle tension and improves mood. She soothes and relieves many symptoms of fibromyalgia.Directions: Take 1 to 2 tablets twice a day during or after a meal. The interval between successive doses should not be shorter than 4 hours.