PRONTOLIND Piercing and Tattoo Gel


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PRONTOLIND Piercing and Tattoo Gel 10 ml

PRONTOLIND piercing and tattoo gel


ProntoLind® Gel:
* ideal for nose, ear and nipples, as it adheres well and does not run
* for the treatment of all areas that are covered with a wound dressing after piercing, e.g. dermal anchors and microdermals
* suitable for infection prevention after tattooing
* practical as a lubricant for stretching
* to prevent unpleasant odors on piercings or tunnel jewellery

Application of ProntoLind® Gel:
- Piercing
* Apply a thin coat of ProntoLind® Gel after each cleaning of the piercing and cover with a wound bandage if necessary

- Tunnels/plugs
* Apply a thin layer of ProntoLind® gel to the jewelery * Insert the
jewelery as usual and remove excess gel if necessary

- Tattoo
* after cleaning the tattoo, apply the gel thinly and allow it to absorb briefly
* then cover the tattoo with foil if necessary
* maintain according to the tattoo artist's instructions

* ProntoLind® Gel can be used on all jewelery materials

ProntoLind® products
* can be used on the whole body, also in the intimate and mucous membrane
area * offer antimicrobial protection
* skin and mucous membranes are not attacked
* can be used safely for a long time
* are free of alcohol, phenols and fragrances
* do not dry out the skin
* are not pharmacy only