Prontolind spray piercing care, prontolind spray for piercings


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PRONTOLIND Piercing Spray 75 ml, Prontolind spray piercing care, prontolind spray for piercings

With polyhexanide betaine complex

Aqua purificata, 0.1% undecylenamidopropyl betaine, 0.1% polyaminopropyl biduanide (polyhexanide)


ProntoLind® Spray, Prontolind spray piercing care, prontolind spray for piercings

* a ready-to-use, watery spray for antiseptic cleaning, moistening and care of fresh and problematic piercings
* practical and easy to use thanks to the spray application
* ideal for piercings that are difficult to access
* to promote wound healing
* for daily cleaning of jewelery and the puncture channel too after the healing time
* can be used for cleaning after tattooing
* the only medical product certified for tattooing and piercing

Application of ProntoLind® Spray
* 3 - 5 times a day moisten the pierced area with several sprays from a short distance
* leave to work for at least one minute * remove dirt
and easily removable deposits with the help of a fleece pad, gauze pad or lint-free cotton swab
* the jewelery does not have to be moved due to its reduced surface tension, ProntoLind® reaches the puncture channel independently
* spray on briefly after tattooing and carefully remove any residual ink


ProntoLind® products, Prontolind spray piercing care, prontolind spray for piercings

* can be used on the whole body, also in the intimate and mucous membrane
area * offer antimicrobial protection
* skin and mucous membranes are not attacked
* can be used safely for a long time
* are free of alcohol, phenols and fragrances
* do not dry out the skin
* are not pharmacy only