PRONTOSAN wound wash gel 30ml

B. Braun

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  • PRONTOSAN wound wash gel is a product that accelerates the healing process. It absorbs odors emanating from the wound, moisturizes and removes biofilms and impurities.

Purified water, glycerol, hydroxyethylcellulose, 0.1% undecylenamidopropyl betaine, 0.1% polyaminopropyl biguanide.

The preparation in the form of a gel intended for external use is responsible for the cleansing action - removes impurities and deposits from the wound. It shows moisturizing and caring properties. It accelerates the healing process and absorbs the odors emitted from the wound. It guarantees decontamination.

Use to cleanse, decontaminate and moisturize wounds (acute and long-lasting). Also indicated in the case of 1st and 2nd degree burns.

- allergy to the constituent substances of the preparation
- use within the central nervous system and meninges, the ear (middle and inner), the organ of vision
- applying to joint cartilage and aseptic joint surgery

Use externally after cleansing with a wound irrigation solution (Prontosan). Then cover the wound with abundant gel and put on the dressing (the larger amount of the preparation recommended when dressing changes only after a few days, less when changing the same or the next day). - Nemokamas lankytojų skaitliukas