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PROOPTIC x 30 tablets, eyes vitamins, vitamins for eyes, vitamins for eye health

Fortis Pharmaceuticals

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  • proOPTIC is a dietary supplement for people who want to keep the eyes in the best condition. The composition of proOPTIC, find marigold extract and blueberry enriched with rutin, vitamin C and E and minerals. Product for adults.



Contents of 1 tablet

% RDA *

marigold flower extract erected, Tagetes erecta L., including 20% ​​of lutein and zeaxanthin 4%

(100 mg, including 20 mg of lutein, zeaxanthin 4 mg)


extract of bilberry, Vaccinium myrtillus L.

50 mg


L-ascorbic acid

40 mg



20 mg


e vitamin

6 mg



5 mg



500 mcg



27.5 mcg


proOPTIC is a modern dietary supplement whose formula combines plant extracts from marigold - plants rich in carotenoids or vegetable dyes among which is important for the efficiency of eye lutein and extract of bilberry - plants valuable in anthocyanins, which seal and strengthen the walls of small blood vessels and have antioxidant activity. Moreover proOPTICzawiera also in the composition of the routine, vitamins C and E and the most important for health and visual function minerals zinc, copper and selenium. Regular intake of dietary supplement proOPTIC, helps to improve visual acuity and helps maintain normal vision. Application: proOPTIC is a dietary supplement recommended for people wishing to maintain visual acuity and eye health. Usage: 1 time a day.