PROSTADYN grenade x 36 capsules, kidney stones symptoms


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  • Kidney stones symptoms PROSTADYN grenade is a natural dietary supplement, which is used in males positively affects the process of micturition. It supports the action of the prostate, and urogenital system.

1 capsule contains: standardized for polyphenols and ellagic acid extract of pomegranate ( Punica granatum ) 300 mg gelatin (shell component), extracts from the leaves of nettle ( Urtica dioica ) 75 mg zinc gluconate 10 mg, L-selenomethionine 55 mg , magnesium stearate (anticaking agent), iron oxide black (color), red iron oxide (colorant), titanium dioxide (pigment).

The preparation is characterized by a complex composition of natural origin, which positively affects the functioning of the body.The extract of pomegranate fruit is a rich source of valuable ingredients for the body, which strengthen the immune system and relieve symptoms associated with colds or flu. A positive effect on overall health and strengthens the circulatory system and heart. It shows strong antioxidant properties, protecting the effects of free radicals. Checks during rejuvenation. Additionally supports the functioning of the prostate gland. Nettle root extract supports the excretory functions of the kidneys and helps venous circulation. It affects the metabolism of testosterone and prostate cells work. Zinc and selenium belong to the category of antioxidants, which protect against the effects of free radicals and strengthen the immune system. In addition, zinc affects the testosterone levels and selenium contributes to the proper conduct of spermatogenesis.

It is recommended to use the product for men to support the functioning of the urogenital system.

Take orally at a dose of 1 kaps./24h.