PROSTAMED TAB 360 chewable tablets, Bladder, Kidney, Urinary Tract

Dr. Gustav Klein GmbH & Co. KG

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PROSTAMED TAB chewable tablets, Bladder, Kidney, Urinary Tract
Type: Bladder, Kidney, Urinary Tract
strengthening of the bladder function
PROSTAMED TAB Bladder, Kidney, Urinary Tract Dosage:
shapechewable tablet
pumpkin seeds, goldenrod, aspen tree
Registration: owner Gustav small
Regulations: no prescription
For further information regarding effects and possible side-effects of this product, read the patient information leaflet enclosed or contact your doctor or pharmacist .

Shorter range, weaker flow, takes time coming – urination problem. Prostamed® Tab reinforces and invigorates bladder function while helping the urination process.

Prostamed® Tab for urinary symptoms

  • Reinforces bladder function
  • Facilitates urination

People affected

Men, mostly aged forty and over

Signs and symptoms

You'll notice you can't pee as far as you used to in the first phase. Next, you'll notice that you have to go more often – at night too. In advanced stages, you might experience greater resistance during urination and a feeling that you cannot completely empty your bladder with some urine remaining inside.

Things to consider

These complaints may result from prostate enlargement, which is usually benign at first. However, you should have a doctor check you up for any changes to be on the safe side – go to annual screening for men over 45. Germany's statutory health management services will cover the costs.

Reasons for prostate enlargement

We still don't know what causes prostate enlargement; even so, males above forty living in western European often present with this problem. Transylvanian men seem to be less prone to prostate enlargement, and Asian Men are hardly affected at all. Things change rapidly once you move to a western lifestyle, as complaints resulting from prostate enlargement will also affect you in the medium to long term. The only way to reduce the size of an enlarged prostate is to surgically remove tissue.

Ways of avoiding prostate enlargement

Observing various ethnic groups may give a few hints (see above); Asians are probably unaffected by the problem due to the large amounts of fruit and veg in their diet. The observation that Romanian men are also less affected by prostate problems has led to the development of Prostamed® tablets.

A discovery by Prof. Dr. Klein

Men in Transylvania, Romania, seem to be less prone to prostate enlargement; the observation that men in Transylvania also eat a lot of pumpkin seeds prompted Prof. Dr. Gustav Klein towards developing Prostamed® tablets. Prostamed® Tab contains ground pumpkin seeds, dry pumpkin seed extract – pumpkin seed globulins – and dry extracts of goldenrod and aspen. This combination of traditional medicinal plant extracts has an excellent track record going back years in treating prostate-related complaints.

Treatment in self-medication:

Three medicinal plant extracts go into Prostamed® Tab to help support bladder function. Prostamed® Tab contains pumpkin seed powder, concentrated pumpkin protein as a dry extract, and concentrated goldenrod and aspen extract. The symptoms usually improve soon after regular treatment with Prostamed® Tab, but you should still keep taking Prostamed® Tab on a regular basis after that. You should always look for a healthy medium in taking medication, balancing the benefits against the risks and disadvantages of drug treatment. Prostamed® Tab is very well-tolerated, and it makes sense to start on this treatment in the early stages. Nevertheless, the risk of cells developing into a malignant tumour over the years increases whether you take treatment or not, so you should not take Prostamed® over a longer period of time in self-medication without a regular visit to the doctor. You should go for a check-up once a year.

Prostamed® Tab is available with 60 or 120 tabs to beginners, but packs of 200 or 360 are also available. Prostamed® Tab is well-tolerated. You can take up to twelve tablets at four tablets three times a day.

Prostamed® Tab gives you a restful night's sleep and improves your quality of life. Bladder, Kidney, Urinary Tract

Read the package insert and consult your doctor and pharmacist about risks and side effects.
All drugs are available without a prescription at any dispensing chemist's. Your chemist's can always order any product that it does not have on stock. Product orders will usually be delivered within 24 hours. Bladder, Kidney, Urinary Tract.