PROSTAPOL liquid 100g, bph treatment

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  • Bph treatment. Prostapol used in prostate hypertrophy and difficulties in urinating, inflammatory conditions of the urinary tract and bladder.

The product contains an extract of the herb shepherd's purse common, St. John's wort, goldenrod herb, herb colza, arnica flower, valerian root (contains at least 30 mg of sterols in 100 ml).

The composition per 100g of product:

Extractum Compositum (1: 5) ex:
Valerianae radix (valerian root) - 10.0 g
urticae radix (Nettle root) - 3.0 g
Hyperici herba (St. John's Wort) - 2.0 g
Solidaginis herba (goldenrod herb) - 2.0g
Agrimoniae Haber (turnip greens) - 2.0 g
arnica flos (flower Arnica) - 1.0 g
extractant - ethanol 70% (v / v)
The product contains 61-69% (v / v) ethanol

Reduces smooth muscle tone of the urinary tract, reduces swelling, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial. Improves flexibility of prostatic tissue and patency of the bladder. Indications: hypertrophy of the prostate, difficulty in passing urine, inflammation of the urinary tract and bladder. Dosage: Take 2 times a day 1 teaspoon of preparation in 50 ml of water.