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Prostate APTEO PLUS x 30 capsules, linseed oil

Synoptis Pharma

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  • Linseed oil. Prostate APTEO PLUS is a preparation which improves the functioning of the prostate gland. It increases the amount of urine and exhibits anti-inflammatory properties. Strengthens immunity.

1 capsule contains 300 mg of linseed oil (150 mg including alpha-linolenic acid - ALA) 250 mg of pumpkin seed oil (including 62.5 mg of linoleic acid and oleic acid 135 mg), 50 mg of the extract of the fruits of saw palmetto (including fatty acids 22.5 mg), 5 mg of zinc (50% RDA *), 55 mcg selenium (100% RDA *),

Prostate APTEO PLUS is a complex dietary supplement with natural composition. It works on the basis of pumpkin seed oil extract of the fruits of saw palmetto, omega-3, zinc and selenium. Pumpkin seed oil has a positive effect on the functioning of the urinary tract, especially the bladder and prostate. Anti-inflammatory and promotes lowering cholesterol in the body. Exhibits diuretic. Zinc supports the normalization of testosterone in the blood. Selenium is an antioxidant that fights free radicals. Fatty acids support the work of the immune system. Prostate APTEO PLUS takes the form of capsules for oral use.

- Hypersensitivity to the active components of the preparation

It is recommended to use the product for men to support the work of the prostate.

Apply orally at a dose of 1 capsule. x 1/24.