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ProstCare - prostate care 360 ​​mg x 90 softgel capsules - a natural product against prostate and urinary tract problems

For prostate problems:

An enlarged prostate is a condition associated mainly with advancing age, in which there are problems with walking on a small need. Pain when urinating, constant feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder, decreased flow and strength of urine, sudden, frequent and uncontrollable urges, including at night…

ProstCare is a natural product that has been shown to relieve the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia and make urination easier.

How do the ingredients in Prostcare work?

-Pumpkin seed oil is rich in zinc, which is known to help reduce prostate size.

-The standardized up to 85-95% sao palm extract is rich in fatty acids, esters and sterols, which maintain the normal functioning of the bladder and help to completely empty it. -Pigeum extract (African plum) is also very effective and often is used in urology to improve the condition in cases of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

-Finseed oil has anti-inflammatory action, which significantly relieves pain and discomfort in enlarged prostate.

Modern research shows that this is one of the most effective combinations of natural extracts and oils for the benefit of the prostate!

Taking Prostcare does not cause any side effects. Prostcare can be used alone or as a supportive therapy combined with traditional!

Description of the product Prostcare - Prostate Care:

Unlike most similar products, Prostcare contains only standardized * extracts! Standardized extracts guarantee the right amount of active substances and the purity of the composition. Super effective and time-proven combination of sao palm, pygeum, linseed oil and pumpkin seed oil, which contributes to maintaining the normal condition of the prostate in the long run!

ProstCare - Prostate Care 360 ​​mg x 90 softgel capsules, 6.6 out of 10 based on 18 ratings

Prostcare - Prostate Care Application:

Specially developed synergistic combination of Sao Palmeto and Pigeum, contributing to the normal functioning of the prostate and genitourinary system in men.

Do not use as a substitute for a varied and complete diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Side Effects:

None observed

Prostcare - Prostate Care Dosage:

3 softgel capsules daily


Contents: in 1 capsule daily dose (3 capsules)

Sao Palmeto 80 mg 240 mg

standardized to 85-95% free fatty acids, esters and sterols

Pigeum 20 mg 60 mg

standardized extract up to 13% sterols

Pumpkin seed oil 130 mg 390 mg

Flaxseed oil (seeds) 130 mg 390 mg

Other ingredients: Gelatin (capsule), sunflower lecithin, yellow beeswax.