PROTEFIX Active cleaning tablets for dentures 32 tablets

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PROTEFIX Active cleaning tablets for dentures Purpose:

Active tablets for cleaning dentures.

For good oral hygiene it is necessary to clean the food debris from the prosthesis. If food debris is not cleaned from and under the prosthesis, it can lead to the development of painful inflammation. that's why you need not only a toothbrush, but also a good cleaning tablet.

Protefix Active cleaning tablets have excellent cleaning ability and strong deodorizing effect. The tablets act on their own and clean the denture quickly and completely without damaging the material from which they are made.

A way of use PROTEFIX Active cleaning tablets for dentures:

1. Dissolve the tablet in half a glass of lukewarm water.

2. Put the prosthesis in the water. The prosthesis should be completely covered by the effervescent, blue solution. Leave it in the solution for 15 minutes. The original blue color fades and the prosthesis is clean and fresh.

3. Remove the prosthesis and rinse it thoroughly under running water before putting it back in your mouth.

Avoid contact of the tablet with wet hands. Do not allow the tablet to come into contact with wet mucous membranes. Keep out of reach of children.