Protefix Bedding mandible x 30 pcs. alginate adhesive properties (fixing)


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  • Bedding fixing Protefix a delicate rings and fine lignin soaked in sodium alginate adhesive properties (fixing).

They can be used in the first period to adapt to the new prosthesis.Allow to reduce the oppression of the new prosthesis.

The use of podściółek mounting is also indicated in case of:
- conditions are particularly difficult to secure the prosthesis in a patient's mouth, such as the loss of alveolar bone in the elderly.
- Need to use antifungal medicines (bedding allow soaking their preparation antifungal).

The use of bedding should decide physician.

When using podściółek should be changed (after a thorough cleaning of the prosthesis) after every meal, because the litter absorbs dyes easily softened food and nourishment.