Protefix Lining for the lower jaw x 30 pieces


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The Protefix mandibular lining, made of soft viscose-polypropylene fibers, is a medical device to be used to facilitate the fixation of dentures. Product for use with full dentures only.

Composition of Protefix Lining for the lower jaw:

Sodium alginate, viscose-polypropylene fibers.

How Protefix Lining works for the lower jaw:

The fastening pads are made of viscose-polypropylene lignin, which has been saturated with sodium alginate. Sodium alginate is a substance that exhibits fixing (adhesive) properties. Protefix jaw linings are intended for people who wear complete dentures. This product helps to fix dentures, if there are any difficulties, e.g. atrophy of the alveolar process in the elderly, additionally protects the gums against pressure. It is also recommended to use them in the first period of adaptation to the new prosthesis. The product does not affect the taste sensations.

Medical device Protefix Lining for the lower jaw intended for use in the fixation of a complete prosthesis

Additional information Protefix Lining for the mandible:

Store the product out of reach of children at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against the effects of moisture and light. An allergic reaction of the oral mucosa or the entire body may occur when using the product. If an allergic reaction is suspected, contact your doctor. In order to properly adjust the denture, it is recommended to check with your dentist regularly. It is recommended to consult a doctor if you feel that the prosthesis is less tight, or if inflammation recurs.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the product. Do not use with partial dentures.

How to use Protefix Lining for the lower jaw:

Before use, it is recommended to read the information leaflet. For small dentures, the litter should be cut accordingly. The litter should be moistened and then placed over the jaw prosthesis. Press the finger against the mandibular cavity of the prosthesis, starting from the inside. Make sure the litter is smoothly touching. If adhesion is reduced, remove the denture and sprinkle the lining with Protefix fixing powder. The litter should be changed at least once a day, preferably after each meal (after thoroughly cleaning the prosthesis).