Protein NUTRIDRINK peach-mango 4 x 125ml

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Protein NUTRIDRINK peach-mango 4 x 125ml

  • Protein NUTRIDRINK peach-mango provides the body with considerable amounts of protein and energy. It nourishes and complements the deficiencies of many important ingredients. It has a high calorific value.

Protein NUTRIDRINK Composition:
the average content in 100ml: energy 240cal; Fat 9.4 g including 0.9 g saturated fatty acids; 24,4g carbohydrates, including sugars 13.3 lactose 0.3 g; 0g fiber; 14,4g protein; 0,10g salt; Vitamin A 260μg; Vitamin D 2,1μg; Vitamin E 3,7mg alpha-TE / ET; 16μg vitamin K; thiamine 0,45mg; 0,50mg riboflavin; Niacin 0,59mg; 1,6mg Pantothenic acid; vitamin B6 0,53mg; 80μg folic acid; Vitamin B12 1,1μg; 12μg biotin; Vitamin C 30 mg; At 40mg; K 105mg; Cl 60 mg; Ca 350mg; P 300; Mg 55mg; 2,1mg Fe; 2,4mg Zn; Cu 0,35mg; 0,63mg me; F 0,19mg; Mo 20μg; 14μg Se; 13μg cr; And 46μg; 110mg choline. Osmolarity 570mOsmal / l.

Protein NUTRIDRINK Action:
Nutridrink Protein peach-mango food product, which is well suited as the sole source of food or supplement traditional diet. Its administration is recommended that people undernourished as a result of cancer. The product was characterized hiperkalorycznością (2.4 kcal / ml). An extremely rich source of protein (casein, whey), and LCT fats, sugars (maltodextrin, sucrose and lactose). Protein Nutridrink peach-mango is easy and convenient to use. Also available in other flavors.

Protein NUTRIDRINK Contraindications:
- Hypersensitivity to the active components of the preparation
- use in children under 3 years of age

Protein NUTRIDRINK Indications:
Used in the context of the diet of the disease at any stage before cure or after chemotherapy and radiation therapy, during the preparation operations and after its execution. Indicated in the states of increased demand for protein and energy for metabolic stress (trauma, slow-healing skin lesions, burns). Children aged 3-6 years serve only as a means to complement the traditional diet.

Protein NUTRIDRINK Dosage:
For oral use. In order to supplement the diet is recommended to take the product packaging 1-3 / 24 (300-900 kcal, 20-60 g protein). It is recommended to use the product after cooling. You should drink it slowly (1 pack of 0,5-1h).