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PROTIFAR gluten-free 225g

Nutricia Poland

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PROTIFAR gluten-free 225g

  • PROTIFAR. Protifar gluten product recommended for people with reduced protein concentration in the blood. Complements its level and effectively nourishes the body. It has a neutral taste.


Composition PROTIFAR gluten-free 225g:

Concentrated milk proteins, emulsifier (soy lecithin). 88,5g protein, carbohydrates (lactose) <1.5g, Fat 1.6g, Na 50mg, Cl 100mg, Ca 1350mg, P 700mg, Mg 20mg, Osmolarity (sol. 10%) 30mOsmol / l.


Action PROTIFAR gluten-free 225g:

The product is a dietetic food for special medical purposes. It is designed for use within the dietary for hypoproteinemia. It contains large amounts of protein, thereby complementing the shortcomings found in the natural diet. The product has a neutral flavor and is ideal for cooking with food or beverage. It does not contain gluten.

- Hypersensitivity to product components
- galactosemia

Used in the context of the dietary found hypoproteinemia. The product recommended for people whose natural diet does not provide enough protein. Also indicated for patients in whom it is recommended that a reduced supply of sodium, potassium and / or phosphorus.


Usage PROTIFAR gluten-free 225g:

For oral use. Amount of the preparation to the application determined by the physician. Designated by the amount of powder to be spread evenly on meals during the day. Mix the powder with a suitable amount of cold liquid to a thick, uniform consistency. You can be mixed with food or drink.