PROVAG gel 30g intimate itching, intimate wash

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PROVAG gel 30g intimate itching, intimate wash

  • Intimate itching, intimate wash. Provag gel gives high protection of women's intimate spheres against fungal and bacterial infections and contributes to maintaining the balance of microflora intimate and effectively relieves the symptoms of existing infection, such as itching and burning.


PROVAG gel intimate itching, intimate wash Ingredients:


Lactobacillus ferment, aqua, propylene glycol, glycerin, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, phenethyl alcohol, caprylyl glycol, parfum.


PROVAG gel intimate itching, intimate wash Action:


Provag gel is a modern, highly effective medical device indicated for special protection of women's intimate surroundings - especially in the weakening of the body, while increasing the possibility of prohibited caused by dangerous for the health of fungi and bacteria and antibiotic therapy during and after its completion. Provag gel, effectively helps maintain proper - acidic pH intimate surroundings, through the active operation of natural lactic acid bacteria that settling around the crotch and zwenętrznych genital effectively niweliują risk of infection intimate. Provag gel, is also indicated in the case of existing infections as a preparation uzupełaniający treatment and improves the comfort of intimate spheres. The product does not cause allergies and irritation, and its formula is devoid of preservatives, dyes and allergens.


PROVAG gel intimate itching, intimate wash Application:


Provag gel is an effective prevention and support in case of infection intimate caused by fungi or bacteria. A medical device Provag gel in special circumstances may also be used in children 3 years of age.

Provag gel should be applied at night after an evening of intimate hygiene. Apply a thin layer of gel on Provag around the perineum and external genitalia in the direction from the front to the anus - not vice versa. If desired, the nuisance infections gel can be applied 2-3 times per day.