PSORIAZAL PLUS strengthens skin health 60 tablets

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PSORIAZAL PLUS strengthens skin health Act:

PSORIASAL PLUS supports the functions and health of the skin. Plant extracts support the blood supply to the skin and support its restorative functions. The active substances have a complex effect on the skin, helping to tone it, to stabilize the activity of its blood vessels, to improve metabolism and the processes of epithelialization and regeneration.

· Helps to improve the condition of the skin;

· Supports the activity of the skin in inflammatory skin processes;

· Supports the skin's blood supply;

· Helps to stabilize the blood vessels of the skin and the processes of epithelialization.

PSORIAZAL PLUS strengthens skin health Composition:

Contents in 1 tablet / in 2 tablets

Sarsaparilla roots (Extr.Rad. Smilax officinalis)

100 mg / 200 mg

Birch leaves (Extr.Fol. Betulae albae)

75 mg / 150 mg

Nettle leaves (Extr.Fol. Urticae dioicae)

25 mg / 50 mg

Burdock root (Extr.Rad.Bardanae)

25 mg / 50 mg

Whip stalks (Extr. Hrb. Agrimoniae)

25 mg / 50 mg

Psoriasis plus contains selected plant extracts with beneficial effects in psoriasis.

The effectiveness of sarsaparilla extract is due to the large number of bioactive substances contained in it, such as saponins, steroids and minerals, which support the cleansing functions of the body, stimulating the release of harmful substances from it. Sarsaparilla also has a strong anti-allergic, diuretic and hormone-activating effect. Therefore, in addition to psoriasis, it is also used for eczema, urticaria and hair loss. It is also used as an immunostimulant with a general tonic effect.

The extract of birch leaves contains substances that are due to its strong dermatotonic, dehydrating and antimicrobial action.

Burdock extract is rich in active ingredients that accelerate the growth of new cells in the body, including healthy skin cells. This action is mainly due to the inulin they contain. In addition, they have anti-allergic, antiseptic and epithelial effects.

Nettle extract includes tannins and proteins, which is why it has a dermatotonic, anti-allergic, soothing, antipruritic and antisclerotic effect.

In turn, whip extract also has anti-inflammatory properties and has antimicrobial properties.

PSORIAZAL PLUS strengthens skin health Dosage:

1 tablet 2 times a day after meals, the duration of intake should not be less than 3 months.

For children under 7 years of age 1 tablet daily after meals.

Food supplement.
Keep out of reach of small children.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
The product is not a substitute for a varied diet.