PULMO HEVERT Bronchialcomplex, paroxysmal cough, coughing

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PULMO HEVERT Bronchialcomplex Tablets, paroxysmal cough, coughing

Homeopathic medicine for inflammation of the respiratory tract with cough
Difficulty breathing, tormenting cough? – Breathe freely again with Pulmo Hevert Bronchialcomplex tablets

PULMO HEVERT Bronchialcomplex, paroxysmal cough, coughing:

Inflammation of the respiratory tract is often manifested by paroxysmal coughing or a constant urge to cough. If left untreated, this dry, irritating cough usually turns into a cough with thick, mucous sputum, the bronchi narrow and breathing difficulties with shortness of breath occur. Anyone who treats such bronchitis early and consistently can quickly breathe freely again and prevents the inflammation from spreading and becoming chronic.
Pulmo Hevert Bronchialcomplex Tablets are a reliable help for respiratory problems, such as those that occur with bronchitis. Irritable coughs and spasmodic coughs are relieved, stubborn mucus is loosened and excessive mucus production is stopped. Pulmo Hevert Bronchialcomplex Tablets are effective for acute respiratory infections, hoarseness and whooping cough as well as for chronic forms of cough. Taking it is easy - the tablets melt in the mouth.

PULMO HEVERT Bronchialcomplex, paroxysmal cough, coughing:


The combination of nine carefully coordinated homeopathic medicinal substances helps naturally and reliably with inflammation of the respiratory tract with coughing and strengthens the self-healing powers. The inflammation of the airways subsides and the nagging urge to cough is relieved without dampening the cough center in the brain. Viscous mucus is liquefied and can be better coughed up together with the pathogens. The constricted bronchi relax and allow you to breathe freely again. An extension of the inflammation, for example to the frontal and paranasal sinuses, can be avoided in most cases. The functionality of the airways is restored.

Pulmo Hevert Bronchialcomplex Tablets help with acute and chronic inflammation of the airways, relieve coughing and loosen stubborn mucus.

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Areas of application:
The areas of application are derived from the homeopathic drug pictures.
These include: Improvement of the symptoms of inflammation of the respiratory tract with coughing.