PULNEO 25mg / ml drops 15ml 2 years+ chronic bronchitis treatment


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  • PULNEO is a drug which has anti-inflammatory and bronchodilators.It is responsible for the inhibition of H1 receptors and thereby reduce swelling of the mucous membrane of the airways. It works spasmolytic.

The active substance is fenspiride hydrochloride. 1 ml (25 drops) contains 25 mg of fenspiride hydrochloride.
The other ingredients are potassium sorbate (E 202), glycerol, sucrose, vanilla AR 0345, anhydrous citric acid, thaumatin (E957), sodium chloride, purified water.

The drug is in the form of oral drops. It works on the basis of fenspiride, which is responsible for anti-inflammatory and bronchodilators. This takes place by the action of the antagonist at histamine H1, which limits the swelling of the mucous membrane of respiratory and spasmolytic effect type papawerynowego (or muskulotropowego). Preparation limited bronchospasm. After oral medication highest concentration reached after about 2,5-3h.

- Hypersensitivity to ingredients
- age less than 2 years
- Pregnancy
- Breast-feeding

The drug should be used in case of inflammation of the bronchi and lungs, especially if accompanied by cough and sputum.

For oral use. For children over 2 years old be given 4 mg / kg mc./24h, ie. In children with mc. of less than 10 kg, 10-20 drops x 2 / 24h;children with mc. more than 10 kg of 20-40 x 3 drops / 24. In adults, the use of 30-60 x 3 drops / 24. Drug taking at the beginning of eating a meal.