PUTTERBINDE elastic band to a very strong oppression clasp 10cm x 5m x 1 piece


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  • Elastic band. The product is intended for use in the production firm pressure in patients during compression therapy. Elastic band to a very strong oppression clasp Putterbinde has dimensions of 10 cm x 5m.

The product is intended for patients with an active lifestyle. Band has a small pressure during rest, but during the movement supports the action of the muscle pump, making it easier to achieve a therapeutic effect in the deep vein system. Proper function of the product to provide lasting tightness are retained even with prolonged wear. It is also important that the band adapts to changes in the circumference of the leg reversing edema. This feature allows you to wear it for 3 days. Contraindication for so long wearing only acute, running with a large swelling. Band is extensible (90%), it has a special clasp. Cotton, which was made is well tolerated by the skin, and airtight.

Putterbinde elastic band to a very strong oppression of the clasp is intended for compression therapy, recommended for application to the sclerosant in thrombophlebitis, in the case of acute and chronic swelling of stasis, even when ulcers leg (in the healing phase, the strong oozing wound indicated for use in conjunction with a wound dressing PermaFoam).

Additional information:
You can boil or sterilize it. Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature.